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Cable structure:
Profibus: 1 x 2 x AWG 22 mm2 (Foam-Skin PO/rd/gn)
DeviceNetTM: 2 x 2 x AWG 22 mm2 (Foam-Skin PO/wh/bn, ye/gn)
Interbus: 2 x 2 x 0,25 (Foam-Skin PO/ gn/pk, ye/gn)
Power cores: 4 x 1 x 1,0 mm2 (PO/rd, bl, bu, bn)
Protective earth core: 1,0 mm2 (PO/gnye)
Stranding: Single cores totaly stranded together and filled with plastic elements
Total shielding: PP vlies
Outer sheath material: PUR, halogenfree
Cable external diameter: app. 14,7 mm
Outer sheath colour: violet similar to RAL 4001

Electrical data:
Characteristic impedance: 150 + -15 Ohm (Profibus)
120 + -12 Ohm (DeviceNetTM)
100 + -15 Ohm (Interbus)
Conductor resistance: <= 20 Ohm/km (power cores + protection core)
<= 70 Ohm/km (Profibus)
<= 70 Ohm/km (DeviceNetTM)
<= 80 Ohm/km (Interbus)
Insulation resistance: >= 500 Mohm x km (at 20° C)
Mutual capacitance: 30 pF/m nominal (Profibus)
40 pF/m nominal (DeviceNetTM)
50 pF/m nominal (Interbus)
Testvoltage: 2500 V (core/ core)
1500 V (core/ screen)

Mechanical data:
Bending radius single: <= 70 mm
Bending radius repeated: <= 110 mm
Tensile strength static: 300 N
Tensile strength dynamic: 140 N
Oil resistance: Diesel, IRM 902, Biohydran TM68, Ecocut HFN 10LE
Flame resistance: IEC 60332-1, VW1/ FT1 acc. C-UL
FCKW free: yes
Self extinguishable: yes
Other attributes: PVC free, free of lacquer wetting disturbing substances, siliconfree,
resistant against PVC flexibiliser and cable fat RB1

Thermal attributes:
Operating temperature range: – 40° C to + 80° C
Laying temperature range: – 30° C to + 80° C

Profibus standard, DeviceNetTM standard, Interbus standard

VW1/ FT1 acc. C-UL, AWM style 20236

HELUKABEL® Multibus I is highly flexible with a special structure for use in cable carrier
applications and robotics (use in acc. with HELU specification) in a PVC-free design.
The Multibus I combines the Profibus / DeviceNet™ / Interbus bus systems as well as
the power supply in a single hybrid cable.

Part no.: 801652

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